A global epidemic has broken out

#1 Spartan
The epidemic has broken out in multiple localities around the world and is still spreading, giving greater urgency to a coordinated response at the global level.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, WHO, under the leadership of Director-General Tedros, has played an important role in terms of raising awareness against the epidemic, promoting a science-based response, and boosting the medical and health care system of relevant countries. This has been widely recognized and commended by the international community.

The virus respects no borders. In the spirit of solidarity and mutual assistance, the World will continue to actively support and participate in the international cooperation to fight against the epidemic, contribute its strength to regional and global public health security, and promote the building of a community with a shared future for mankind.
#2 Talon
The supplies approach will help us all. We've recently seen a world shortage of industrial supplies and responding to this pandemic is a perfect way to help alleviate this growing concern in the world
#3 lightside3
The scientists of the nation lightside would like to express their support to takeing a scientific approach to solving this crisis. We support the additional research funding.

Likewise we would like to dismiss the aligations against our nation that this plague started from one of our research facility's. Yes that facility was recently attacked by terrorist which caused the release of several mutated vampire bats. However it is just a coincidence that several of the early victims of this plague were also attacked by said bats. There is no scientific evidence that the plague started from those bats.
#4 Mushroom
My nation and I support a research first initiative. The correct response to any biological threat should always be learning how to counter it while blocking the spread. Quick containment allows leaders to draw up strategies against the threat, vampire bat or otherwise, while the researchers and scientists work their magic.
#5 Hobbes
These pencil-pushing, pocket protector scientists frequently fail to protect the interests of human life in the pursuit of their so-called knowledge. Scientists' propensity to pursue the unknown without limitation continue to be the root cause of major calamities throughout the world, with morals taking the backseat to "discovery".

This epidemic affects everyone, therefore I propose the more people we can get onboard to fight this battle together to protect the interests of human life, the more successful we will be than putting our "hopes and prayers" on scientists who have unknown objectives.

Let us use this opportunity as a chance to grow closer as a global community to fight the common enemy instead of closing our borders, locking citizens down, or neglecting the issue altogether.
#6 shavar
This was an easy one to answer .. Option B

Effect: science_points 12%

That is all you need to know
#7 CrunchMuffins
And Communism Is the only answer