Reccesive Periods + Prevention

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Recession, a common economical issue, is defined as " a period of economical decline in which trade and industrial activity are reduced, generally identified by a fall in GDP in two sucessive quarters." it is characteristic by weak output and high unemployment rates (as mentioned by a bill previous), as well as a drop in consumer spending. It differs from deflation where deflation concerns with consumer assets, and recession itself deals in GDP, retail, and wholesale.

Recession is toxic to new and existing countries. It can inhibit growth or even destroy small countries completely is left unattended. That is why I bring this issue here to you today. If smaller nations are to grow and develop, and larger nations o continue to grow without any kind of blackage, we must do something to prevent recessive periods. I have proposed 3 methods today, including the following, (and keep in mind that these are to prevetnt, not remove existing problems):