Important Element Act

#1 Scott
If this is voted for, all nations that are a part of the Planetary Union will have to follow this.

Any necessary product for human living cannot be restricted from any innocent citizen or civilization, all nations should be able to give a safe allotment of food, water, oxygen, shelter, or any other product needed by citizens. If a mass of any necessary product is found, it cannot be colonized by a single nation, and must be shared by at least two. Any nation without enough of any product may need support from nations with an abundance of the products free of charge.

Here is a list of "necessary products":
Shelter from rain, sun, snow, etc.
Money (Following specific criteria. Explained below.)

If an individual needs money, they may receive social security from their country, if this isn't enough or the government doesn't provide social security, other nations may be able to support the individual or they might be given employment from the government or another workplace.

Any individual or family can visit a government office near them or visit a planetary union center in order to apply for these products.
#2 Link
Huge problem, large alliances/blocs could easily just monopolize on certain resources. Assuming that you mean they can’t do that then I say no. Why? Such a bill would force us to give money to the working class. That would collapse my economy, I need large quantities of impoverished masses to indoctrinate into the faith of Gonk as well as run my industry. Even conscription needs these kinds of people.
#3 zigbigadorlou
I'm confused. Is this an RP thing or does it actually have in game ramifications?
#4 Link
#3 zigbigadorlou
I'm confused. Is this an RP thing or does it actually have in game ramifications?
Aside from the usual things that come with bills it is RP
#5 Unknown-14
Love how the bill is both approved and rejected. None the less I'm against it
#6 sidge_9999