Ronin Have Arrived: The Declaration (D.o.E)

#1 Hobbes
“When the law becomes criminal, it is the criminal who fights for justice”

Planet Dennis continues to see the shifting sands of power wash over the landscape in a storm of political wars, but as the dust settles, it is those less fortunate who are left behind. The ones who perch atop their Ivory towers peering down on those below, the maniacs who seek to control the landscape and it’s rules, the Rulers setting precedents of how things are supposed to be done while reaping the benefits, all come away unscathed.

For too long has Dennis developed it’s ecumenical Urban Jungle, but it seems the Tower’s have grown too high. The shadows they now cast have grown over their foundation, leaving the ones at the bottom to suffer the burden that is the those who pull the strings’ desired fate. But this shadow has grown too large, and it’s obscurity presents an opportunity. Some of us wish not to live at the whims of those who’s head holds the crown, the scepter that breaks the spirit, or beneath the throne where they are forced to bend the knee. Some will call us devils, scoundrels, and deviants; others will call us Saviors. Those among ourselves call one another, RONIN.

The Ronin started it’s operation with the “less desirable” industries on Planet Dennis. From interstellar sales of narcotics and arms deals, to sabotage and planetary raids, we have always sought for opportunities to make ends meet. Our Odyssey is not over, but now, the time to instill a little chaos has come upon us. As the Dennis begins it's Next Generation and the Ronin repair the fractured forgotten, only the strong will remain.

Modus Operandi: Our sole focus is equity. Not equality. Those who perform are rewarded. Our goal is self-imposed excellence. Our method is trial by fire.

Our Creed is as follows:

"A Loss is a lesson learned. A Win is the product of learning. I seek to teach and be taught. He who refuses this path will not find refuge. We who travel together, may our journey never end."



Declaration of Existence for a new alliance named The Ronin, the Master’s of the Underground Urban Jungle. It’s time to get good.
#2 Ecki