Overpopulation of Space Cats

#1 KittenGosCrazy
Ever since the arrival of the Space Cats on Dennis, there has been a growing problem. This problem is showing itself to the citizens of the planet more so than ever before. The amount of people willing to adopt one of these felines from outer space has gone down, as people have begun to adopt them.
[br] Due to the lack of people willing to adopt, the cats have started to organize and protest across the planet. All of them want houses, but can't afford them due to them having no jobs. I was asked earlier today by one of my citizens if I would do anything to fix this problem plaguing our societies; as a result I have drafted this proposal and present it to the nations of Dennis.
[br]Option 1: Put the cats to use in hospitality
[br]The reasoning behind this one is simple, put them in as hotel staff, hospital staff, resturaunt staff, and so on. These important institutions would be provided a great benefit with the inclusion of cats.
[br]Option 2: Put the cats to use in the military
[br]This one involves a bit of work, but it can be done. In order for the cats to be combat ready, they need a few "modifications." Luckily, the scientists of Dennis are able to be put to use for this. Laser eyes, Feline pilots, Giant cats. The possibility for a better military is immense.
[br]Option 3: Put the cats to work in the industrial sector
[br]Nothing like classic manual labor to help pay the working class of the world. This will give boosts to the industries in nations with very little workforce to help build society because people are becoming too "educated."
[br] I implore all of the nations on Dennis to think over their vote carefully, as this decision will impact the space cats for generations to come.
#2 Spartan
I love it! :D
#3 Talon
Cats are, by nature, lazy. I think its time we turn the tables and use them to improve the daily work of our citizens by giving them JOBS in the INDUSTRIAL sector. (we could probably get more than a small boost from them if they'd stop taking those cat-naps, but nothing is perfect)
#4 Ouranos
We need working class cats, put them in industrials!
#5 Titan
Military cats sound too cute not to vote for
#6 Hobbes
Cats are apex predators. Just house cats alone will contribute 2.4 billion bird kills each year. Let's not forget their ability to squeeze into tight spaces, become as stealthy as the best cloaking technology, and make illogically large leaps. It's time to turn their prowess to the benefit of our nations! Allow them to put that energy to good use, as long as guidelines are maintained for their well-being. Make sure they are equipped with ample equipment and kibble and enlist the willing into the military.
#7 Jebediah_Braun
#1 KittenGosCrazy
Ever since the arrival of the Space Cats on Dennis, there has been a growing problem. This problem i...
We must give this cats work. NO MATTER WHAT (also good job with the idea for the billboard)
#8 Baphomet
Realistically, everyone is still kind of rebuilding from GWIII. More social points the better! I'm voting hospitality.