Right to Bear Armsz. (Pronounced AHRM-ziz)

#1 Baphomet
I suggest that the Alliance for Conservatives and Reformists bans together under a banner for Egalitarian Socialism and a right to Bear Armsz. Recently, places have been demilitarizing after the Third Great War. Everybody should have a right to Bear Armsz and have lots of Gunsz(pronounced GHUN-ziz), and have high capacity magazines. Also, free health care! YAY!
#2 alvaroissuperman
I agree with the right to bear arms, but not for freev healcare.
#3 Appalachian_Amphibian
Disagree. We have the right to own arms, but high capacity magazines are not necessary for personal defense. At a historical point of view, at the time where the Bill of Rights was signed, people most likely didn't own more than a musket, arms which took time to reload. The free healthcare thing, I disagree.