Frequently Asked Questions

#1 Spartan
1. How to earn in-game resources?
There are currently a few ways of acquiring resources:

- Build and develop buildings and constructions in your regions. Each building produces certain resources. By clicking on a building, you can see the costs and production for the current and next level. To see all details for all buildings, from level 1 to level 40, visit this page:

- Complete the Planetary Union Daily Missions, and earn in-game resources rewards.

- Raid other players, and steal their resources.

- Participate in Weekend Events, raid the computer-controlled nations and get rewarded with unique citizen cards.

- Write the Planetary Union issues and resolutions. Each time your bill gets approved, you will get 200k of each resources.

- Watch rewarded ads or subscribe in the game shop.

- Join an alliance and get grants.

2. How to recruit military units?

- Go to your Military Base region. Find the button in the left sidebar navigation, in the 'My Regions' tab.
- Click on the “Recruit new units” button.
- Choose which units you want to buy, and how many of them, and click on the purchase button.
- Right after the purchase, the units will be sent into reserves.
- Units that are in reserves, wont participate in any battles.
- You can manage your units (deploy or fortify them) by clicking on the 'Army Management' button.
- Fortified units will participate automatically in all defensive battles, and all deployed units will become available when launching attacks.
- Note that each unit has some pre-requirements in terms of military buildings, before it becomes available for recruiting.
- For example, before training Conscript Infantry units, you have to build the Bootcamp building level 1.
- You can find this information when you browse military buildings in the Military Base province.

3. How to declare war on other players?

- Go to the world's nations page, in the 'World' tab.
- Find a nation you want to declare war on and click on the view button
- After that, click on the declare war button

4. How to attack an enemy?

- After a war declaration, players can attack each other.
- To attack your enemies, go to the Military Council page. The button is located in the left navigation sidebar, under the 'My Nation' tab.
- Click on the Wars & Invasions button
- Choose an enemy nation you want to attack, and click on the attack button
- In the battle strategy screen, you can decide how many of each available unit you want to send into the battle.
- Only the units that you previously deployed will be shown here.
- You can manage (deploy, fortify or send to reserves) your units by visiting your Military Base region, and clicking on the 'Army Management' button.
- Scroll down a bit and choose which attack type you want to use for the battle, and which enemy region you want to attack
- Each attack costs a certain amount of action points. Action points generate automatically, every 2 hours, 1 action point is added to all nations.
- Which region you attack matters only when launching full attacks and bombardment campaigns.
- When a player loses a battle in a certain region, he suffers resource production penalties, depending in which region the battle is lost.
- Furthermore, when bombarding your enemies, you can choose which type of buildings you want to target, by choosing a specific region for the mission.
- For raids, it is not important which region you choose to attack.

5. How to repair damaged buildings?

- During a battle, buildings can get damaged.
- Go to the region where buildings are damaged, click on the damaged building, and then click on the repair button.

6. How to get rewards from the Planetary Union daily missions?

- Go to the Military Council page. Find the button in the navigation sidebar, under the 'My Nation' tab.
- Click on the Planetary Union mission
- Click on the attack button

7. How to join, leave or create an alliance?

- Find the Alliances button, in the left navigation sidebar, in the World tab.
- Find an alliance you like, and click on the Send join request button.
- The same process works for leaving an alliance. The button next to the alliance name will now be called “Leave alliance”.
- To create a new alliance, first make sure you are not already a member of an alliance.
- In the alliance screen, click on the Create alliance button.
- Fill out required fields and click on the Create button.

8. How do war ranges work?

- War ranges work only for active nations.
- Inactive nations can be attacked by anyone, regardless of their rang and score.
- When it comes to active nations, nations can declare war on other nations within their war range, which is 75% to 140% of their own score.
- For the 20 best ranked nations, there is an additional rule, allowing them to attack 5 ranks above and below them, regardless of the score.