The Planetary Union

#1 Spartan
The Planetary Union is a global organization dedicated to resolving world conflicts and keeping world peace.
Any nation can submit a resolution, and seek for international support.
Any nation can submit a resolution to the PU where other Planetary Union Members will vote on and discuss the idea.
The Planetary Union Presidency Members must review all bills approved by the party leaders.
A bill must be approved by at least 2 Presidency Members, in order to be considered by the Total Assembly.
Co-President salary is 300k of each resource a day.
Party Chair salary is 200k of each resource a day.
Party Vice Chair salary is 100k of each resource a day.
In case of inactivity of any member of the Presidency or Party Leadership, or in case when bill creation rules are not respected, the game moderator keeps the right to accept or reject any bill, or fire any inactive Presidency or Party Leadership member.

The Planetary Union Total Assembly is where representatives of all nations gather to debate about current world events and issues.
A nation can be a member of only one party at a time.
A nation can change parties at all times, except during elections or if they hold a position within a party.
Party Chair and Co-Chairs must approve a bill coming from their party members.
Bills that are not approved by the party leadership will not be considered by the Planetary Union Presidency.
A bill must have at least 3 votes from its party Leadership, in order to be considered by the Planetary Union Presidency.
Chair has 2 votes, and Co-Chairs have 1 vote.

Elections for all notable positions within the Planetary Union and Political Parties in the Total Assembly.
All elections start on every 1st in a month and end on 7th of that month.
All Planetary Union Total Assembly members have the same and equal right to vote for their candidates.
Each and every PU Total Assembly member can nominate themselves for any position available.
You can nominate yourself for any available position for the coming elections.
Party Chair elections: The Nation with the most votes becomes Party Chair. Next 3 nations sorted by most votes on the elections, are taking over the Vice Chair positions.

Rules when creating and submitting bills:

Bill content must be between 400 and 2000 characters long.
Bill title must be between 10 and 50 characters long.
Issue effects can be between 1 and 15.
Please use different resource for each effect when writing issues.
Please organise the text of your bill in paragraphs by using the 'Add new line' button, or writing manually [br] when you want to break lines.
Please keep in mind this game's immersion when writing your bills. Try to write seriously as if you would be writing a document for a important institution. Intentional and continuous breaking of this rule may lead to banning your in-game account.
For each Bill that gets approved by the Party Leadership, and by the Presidency, the creator of that bill will get 200k of each resource as their reward.
Once the poll is closed, the option that has the most votes will affect everyone's economy.
The bill that is affecting economies, is the one that has been voted on before the currently active one.