Parliament Ideas

#1 BurgButBread
I'd like to see two small changes in the Parliament that shouldn't change it too much, only expand it a little more.

The 1st idea is seeing which bills you've accepted and which you've rejected. There'd be two buttons for this (named "Accepted Bills" and "Rejected Bills"). When you receive another bill, when it is accepted, the bill will say "You've accepted this bill, do you still want to accepted, or do you want to reject it?", and when it was rejected, it'll say "You've rejected this bill, do you still want to reject it, or do you want to accept it?" This text would be either at the very top of the bill, or just above the Approve/Reject buttons.

The 2nd idea is more optional for me, as it could be a bit difficult to implement, but I thinbk it would be a nice improvement, as it would expand the parliament. It would add another axis, the Authoritarian/Libertarian axis, basically making it a political compass. There would be additional bills that would increase the authoritarianism or libertarianism. These two would also have a bonus, that can stack with the current single axis. Authoritarian would increase Industrial Points and Military Points, whiole Libertarian would increase Social Points and Science Points. As mentioned, it would stack together with the Left/Right axis bonuses. If this idea seems interesting but a bit unfinished, I'm willing to talk about it more to help out.
#2 Baphomet
I actually agree with that
mid-Bottom left on the political compass FTW