the end of an era, and new beginnings

#1 PB_starfighter27
recently due to a lack of time and energy, I (PB) have fallen quite a bit in my ability to fully lead an AA. I appreciate the time spent with everyone who has supported me and my friends, and I hope to continue on into the future stronger then ever before. With this being said, FoH has agreed to merge into GD. I believe with these two communities coming together we can strengthen ourselves together as a more solid cohesive unit.

With this being said, heaven and hell are truly aligning as one, and both agree to working towards the benefit of both groups, especially in this possible time of turmoil in the state of the game. It's well known that the 30 mil score stagnation of many alliances leads to quite a possibility for a turn of events. Together, we aim to bear through and lead the charge.

Again, thank you to all who have supported FoH, and helped us along in our journey. Be assured this isn't the last you'll see of us as we plan to continue to work towards the betterment of the game in whatever way we can, and the growth of the game's community.


when the bells of the clock struck noon. the spirits rised from their horrors and establish a might unknown to many. through this might they showed case powerful abilities which only the holiest of cultist gains. but the pressure is unknown and so they called upon the other cultist. The cultist of the sun and moon goddess to become one of us. to become a family. To become a whole. the evil at goddemon and the light of our community welcome Followers of hylia into our home and bless their souls with our powers


After founding FoH, It deeply saddens me to see it go, After everything that we as a community have gone through, And everything I went through FoH gave me the courage to keep going just a little bit further, Whilst FoH finally comes to a close I shall remain for a bit in tHC and hope to face every new venture head on, I thank everyone who have helped us and who have stuck with us, I only wish it could stay for a bit longer, But all good things must come to an end, But where there is an end there will always be a new beginning, We always fought for what we believe, Fought for our friends, We never backed down and never surrendered, We thank all you very much for making this stay worth trying.

Until we meet again,
May the goddess smile upon you all, Praise Hylia!

- Sorra (Linky), Former Wielder


FoH agrees to merge into GD.
I only wished it last longer, But its for the best. To a new beginning!
#3 Ecki
i aint readin all of that