Hillbillies make changes and share a P.I.P.E.

#1 Rattlehead (Last updated )
In a world where moonshine pixels and digital herbs run rampant, The Hillbilly Coalition (tHC) have decided to forge a new path guided by Liberty and Honor.
The whiskey guzzling, skunky herb smoking Hillbillies of Planet Dennis has decided to do things our own way.
We have made some changes and decided to announce them all at once for everyone to ponder upon.

First of all, tHC has decided to downgrade its M level treaties in the name of Liberty and freedom. Being free to choose when / if military action is necessary is important to us and is by no means a reflection on our relationship with other alliances.
1. The Hillbilly Coalition has cancelled The Best of Both Worlds treaty with Digital Dopamine and have now signed The Buzz Kill Non-Aggression Pact as a symbol of our willingness to work with our friends in DD moving forward.
2. tHC has made some changes to our Government: We have promoted Buuyo to Command General of tHC and named Unknown14 as Communications Officer.  
3. Most importantly, tHC has decided to share a PIPE with some like minded alliances. See below for our PIPE treaty:[/i] [/center]


It seems that it is time for the tHC to share a PIPE with a group of friends. (Olympus, ICMK and FoH) in which while under the influence we shall share Peaceful relations while also engaging in shared Intelligence including Politics which leads into a shared Economy

1st bowl brings Peace.

Where all parties agree to not engage in any military action against the other even if showing inactive in-game. Neither party is obligated to but has the option to advise of future military aggressions against any other alliance. Members of PIPE have the option to defend the other if either is attacked for any reason.

2nd bowl we gain Intelligence

As we pass the PIPE both parties realize the need to share and disclose any information that could be judged detrimental to either alliance in regards to economic, political, or military matters in a timely manner. Will also assist with nation/alliance growth via guides or personal experience to the best of our abilities.

3rd bowl we discuss Political matters

By now both parties involved agree to assist when the situation arises in the election of Co-President and if in same party will coordinate in obtaining chair/vice chair positions. This will be handled on a month-by-month basis and constant, clear communication will be maintained to assist in knowing what direction each party is planning on going to the upcoming election cycle.

4th bowl by now we see the need to have a solid Economy

While maintaining Sovereignty,  alliances  involved agree to assist to the best of our abilities in providing cheaper resources, access to guides, moving trading cards, coordinating weekend events, PU / party elections, optional defense if necessary and assisting in general the growth and development of the involved alliances.

In beliefs of working together and build a stronger future The Hillbilly Coalition (tHC), Olympus,  Imperial Coalition of Maltese Knights and Followers of Hylia agree to the following articles.

Treaty can be cancelled with a 7-day notice.

Signed for The Hillbilly Coalition (tHC):
Shavar - President of All Things That Matter
Rattlehead - President of Moonshine and Weed
Curtis Leow = President of Shotguns and Banjos
White Chocolate = Controller of Moonshine

Signed for Olympus: TheAlmightyZeus

Signed for ICMK:Daviesolu- Emperor of ICMK

Signed for FoH: PB_starfighter27
Prophet of Relations - Linky
#2 shavar
Nice to see this posted. Onward and Upward