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Everyone is sitting down in the party headquarters room of the PU, the President is expected to make a speech in person before the next election. This is a surprising move for many, as until now, nobody has seen the president.
After around 10 minutes of everyone waiting, as the camera crews of news organizations around dennis do last minute preparations to go live, a single black cat with a suit and little bowtie walks onto the stage. At first everyone believes it is just some sort of mishap, where the cat got loose onto the stage. However everyone goes silent when the cat climbs a small set of stairs to the podium positioned in the middle of the stage.
It paws at the microphone a bit to test that it is on, and then it starts what could only be described as a bunch of cat noises.

Everyone sits in complete shock as a monitor above the stage starts to display the following text on screen:



Hello Electors. I would like to welcome all to the party of the Movement for World of Liberties.

I know that as of recently, not much has happened within the party. Most of it caused by the fact that all of us were getting used to the PU. However I am here to get some things done, as I will be running for a second term as party chair.

For my plans if I get elected for a second term, I want to reach out to all of you to gather information on what you think we should do with our party platform. Right now however, I believe our party should be founded in the belief of the freedom of all to have choice in what they do, as long as it does not effect others negatively. Gun ownership? Legal. Catnip use? Legal. Etc. Additionally, the discussion of social classes and hierarchy should be brought up as well.

Otherwise, I think getting together as a party to come up with bills and changes we want to see on dennis. If we come together, we should be able to do many great things. Our party, though the smallest of the 3, still has great potential that we should utilize. I wish to see as many electors as possible participating in our debates, votes, and so on.

On one last note, Co-chairs, I want our party leadership to communicate with one another. Please feel free to call the line of the comrade president, and I will be available.


The cat walks off stage, and as it does so, the audience is absolutely stunned and all the worldwide news broadcasting stations are talking about the “talking cat” until it eventually stops making them money in a few days.