Weekend events & unique citizen cards

#1 Spartan (Last updated )
Bot-nations appear in the game on each Friday at 10:00 PM game-time.

All existing wars stop at the start of the event, to free offensive war-slots to players.

Each nation is locked into a score range at the start of the event. Each score range will have 3 tiers of bots that scale in difficulty and reward. Depending on the total number of nations for the score range, there may be multiple bots in each tier to compensate.

Human-players will be divided into 7 score-groups:
10-4 Million
3.999-2 Million
1.999-1 Million

Per every 5 human-players in each score-group, one group of bot-nations (1 bot of each tier) appears.

Bot-nations get their troops reset every 8 hours.
22:00h 70%
06:00h 50%
14:00h 30%
of their initial troops.

Players who are at war against bot-nations get flat 24 points at 8 hour intervals. Maximum Action Points is also 24, so it won't stack beyond that.

Players can declare war on any bot-nation within their score-group. Bot-nations have 5 war slots. Players can declare 2 wars against bot-nations. Subscribers and players who watched at least 50 ads during the previous week get one extra offensive war slot against bot-nations.
Bot-nations can be raided and their resources looted.

Every time human-players win a battle against bot-nations, there is also a certain chance that bot-nations will drop a unique citizen card.

Unique citizens add certain production bonuses to the nation where they are used.

The bonus depends on the unique citizen card quality (Expert Citizen, Elite Citizen, Legendary Citizen) and their specialty (Science, Industry, Military, Finances, Social Equality, Energy, Coal Mining, Uranium Mining).
Chances of resources being added as bonus to a card:
IP: 18%;
MP: 14%;

Citizen Bonuses
1. Expert Citizen total production bonus: 20%
2. Elite Citizen total production bonus: 40%
3. Legendary Citizen total production bonus: 80%

Bonus calculation process for each citizen:

Roll 3 random resources for the citizen (Drawn in random order, meaning you could pull Coal, Science, and IP and that is the order of how the production weight is distributed below)

Roll for Weighting:
First resource gets a roll of 48 (max production % minus 1% on each of the other resources rolled)
2nd resource rolls 48-the first number-1
Last resource gets 48-first roll-2nd roll

Citizen starting drop-rate (it decreases after each victorious battle against bot-nations for 0.1% up to 10% of its starting value)

Bot 1:
1. Expert Citizen: 12%
2. Elite Citizen: 8%
3. Legendary Citizen: 2%
Bot 2:
1. Expert Citizen: 17%
2. Elite Citizen: 11%
3. Legendary Citizen: 3%
Bot 3:
1. Expert Citizen: 25%
2. Elite Citizen: 16%
3. Legendary Citizen: 5%

Players can improve their chances by watching in-game ads, or by becoming subscribers.
By watching up to 50 ads during the previous week (or by getting the same effect by being a gold ($5.99/Mo) or royal (10.99$/Mo) subscriber), players get to declare 3rd war against bot-nations.

Players have 3 options what can they do with their unique citizen cards:

1. Use a unique citizen card.
Once a card is slotted for use, it will last for up to 15 days; if it is removed from the slot prior to its set expiration, it will immediately expire and disappear.
Players are able to hold a total of 7 cards and use a total of 3. Only 2 legendary citizen cards, 2 elite cards and 3 expert cards can be in players' possession at a time.

Players can use (employ) totally up to 3 of their cards at a time.
Card quality:

Max 1 legendary card at a time.
Max 1 elite card at a time.
Max 3 expert cards at a time.
If players already have 7 cards, and get a new one, they are allowed to swap with one they currently have. The not-chosen card gets deleted.

2. Keep it in the deck. A player cant keep more than 7 cards at a time.

3. Sell their cards to other players at the Citizen Exchange. Cards at the AH don't count as outside the deck.