AI, amazing boon or horrible mistake?

#1 Link
Ever since the last Great War scientific progress has been booming, with recent advancements such as the automated pizza deliverer and the booze calculator (please drink responsibly) our scientists have been pushing the boundaries of what we thought was possible. However this is not all a silver lining, our new found scientific golden age could inadvertently release some catastrophe. While the researchers that are attempting to make them assure us that they are safe, the common people of Dennis have begun to raise concerns that artificial intelligence or AI for short will rise up against their creators and destroy humanity. Now of course we have several options, A completely outlaw all AI and research into making them. B restrict their potential use and power but let researchers continue to attempt making AI. Or C place absolutely no restrictions on their use or creation.
#2 FrederickTheGreat
The General has decided that the military of Destrius will not use AI, but the Council has voted, and AI will continue to be used in our everyday lives. Let's just hope nothing bad comes out of it.
#3 MORDIA_2011
it is amazing yes but dangerously close to total power and they could enslave us all but maybe we could limit their power and not completely outlaw ai entirely
#4 MattB
A horrible mistake.