Official game rules

#1 Spartan (Last updated )
1. It is forbidden to play with more than one account. More players from the same household or network can play, but please let us know if this is the case.

2. All communication rules are the same for in-game messaging, Discord and this board.

3. Bots and scripts are allowed for gathering information and creating notifications.

4. It is forbidden to play the game via scripts and bots. They can only be used in the cases stated above.

5. Only 1 in-game message per player is allowed to recruit for alliances.

6. Please communicate in a civilised and respectful manner.

7. No NSFW content.

8. Racism, sexism and similar are forbidden.

9. No spamming.

10. English is the official language. Please use only English.

11. Please don't advertise unrelated games without permission.

12. Alliance advertisement or conversation with the intent of recruitment is prohibited in any board excluding the Alliance Advertisement section.

13. It is forbidden to discuss any Nazi-related topic.

14. We want to build safe and enjoyable community. Any toxic behaviour will be sanctioned.

15. This is a community dedicated to the Nations at Risk game. However, some of us do play, like and discuss other games as well, which is always welcome.

16. The developer is not allowed to participate in the game in any other way than chatting with players.

17. When reporting an issue with the rules, please provide evidence in case you are asked to.