Trade slot problem

#1 Barrington
It seems that all 14 people that had a trade slot filled by Goodnames a couple of days ago are now missing 4% trade bonus.

Yet it also appears that the figures "Active Trade Agreements" displayed in the Trading Centre building state that each nation's trading capacity is full.

And the thing which alerted us to this problem was that those nations affected are not able to accept any trade requests to fill the empty slot created as a result of no longer trading with Goodnames - as you would expect IF the Active Trade Agreements figures were correct - but they're not!

The nations concerned are: Tutnix, iamCheems, SteamPunkAngel, Talon, kkrieger, Titan, erik.mucks, Nai, Chancellor-John, Fighter_Jet, Hwan, TigerFire, WAR and Heisen