International Atomic Weapons Use

#1 Partyhat10
Nuclear bombs are a problem.
They must be stopped now before they get out of our control and large superpowers detonate hydrogen bombs in other countries just for fun.
80 years ago, Robert Oppenheimer helped create the first two uranium and plutonium bombs. 3 years later, in 1945, he regretted doing so immensely.
We've got a few options.
We can: A not limit use of them, B only let countries use a few bombs, or C outlaw them entirely except for research purposes.
#2 MORDIA_2011
yes! yes! and yes!
#3 Unknown-14
I agree whatever this is.
#4 PB_starfighter27
I think Oppenhiemer is a sap, besides, nuclear weapons are needed to maintain peace and prevent invasions from occuring, might as well keep them around with the advent of Mutually Assured Destruction
#5 Jaden1228
We will step forward the better peace.
#6 Nicoloco1312
Nuclear bombs may be dangerous but I think we should only use them if necessary.
#7 Dr.Evil
I will use nukes all i want :)