[Peace] All Good Things Must Come To An End

#1 JadenStar10 (Last updated )
All good things must come to an end...

Digital Dopamine & Goddemon surrender to the collective forces of the Drug Enforcement Agency.

Digital Dopamine, Goddemon, the New Polar Order, The Hive, and Odyssey agree to a 3 Month Blanket NAP between themselves.

The Eyrie and the New Polar Order sign a 3 Month NAP.


New Polar Order,
AlmightyGrub, Emperor
EaTeMuP, Imperial Regent
JayMillz, Imperial Liaison
JadenStar10, Minister of Love
Lightside3, Minister of Plenty
Celess, Imperial Advisor

Jonasz, Space Admiral
Zigbigadorlou, Space Admiral

The Hive,
MinesomeMC, Queen Bee
Kuroko (Caboose), Conscience
Darkblade, Brain
Llenn‘s Mom, Parental Supervision

Digital Dopamine,
Will King, Founder

Reef, Co-Founder
Kiwi, Co-Founder
Sven, Co-Founder

The Eyrie,
TalonTalonus, Founder
#2 Fighter_Jet (Last updated )
The NAPs of this treaty have now expired because november + december + janurary = 3 months