More information about the new game

After completing my initial project, "Nations at Risk," I made the decision to embark on a new game, leveraging the invaluable experience I gained during its development.

So, what sets this new endeavor apart?

So why am I undertaking this ambitious endeavor?

Simply put, I have an enduring love for this genre, dating back to my teenage years, and my passion for these games has never waned. I believe that humanity deserves a next-generation nation-simulation game, and I'm determined to build one.

As for the game's release timeline:

Currently, my focus is on research and idea development. The initial lines of code may start taking shape around February 2024, with the first closed beta version potentially becoming available in mid-2024. Beyond that, I can't provide further details at this juncture, considering the factors mentioned above.

Regarding a Discord server for the new game:

There's presently no need for a new Discord server.